To use a PSL Rheotek Viscometer for measuring viscosity, a constant temperature viscometer bath is needed

The most precise bath in the PSL Rheotek range is our flagship model, the EVS bath with integrated cooling. This is accurate to ±0.005 degrees C, as verified against our internal temperature reference. Our other baths “only” go to  ±0.02 degrees C.

For operation at temperatures near or below ambient, an external source of cooling is required on models without integrated cooling.

Other questions to consider, when choosing a bath is ambient conditions in the lab, nature of chemicals around the bath and the desired capacity. Please get in touch with us for an on-line consultation with a member of our team to find out which of our baths best suits your requirement and your budget.


You asked, we answered

Can I use water as a bath medium?

Yes, demineralised water is recommended for use at temperatures up to and including 40 degrees C.

How can I be sure, that the temperature on the display is the temperature of the bath medium?

We recommend verification of the temperature control of the bath using an external reference thermometer at regular intervals.

How do I get the viscometer into the bath?

Place the glass tube in a viscometer holder. Our holders have a circular plate at the top. These holders fit snugly in the bath lid.

My viscometers are from another manufacturer, can I use them in your bath?

Most likely you can, you just need to check the immersion depth required for the tube and also ensure, that you holder will fit the 50mm aperture of our bath lid.


Searching for custom instrumentation for your unique requirements?

Each PSL Rheotek viscometer system is configured for the owner! A wide variety of international test method protocols are readily available in the software and company specific method protocols are also supported.