An PSL Rheotek automated viscometer conducts the entire measurement process without any operator intervention.


The operator loads the sample, closes the cap and then presses “start testing” in the software. The following operations will then be conducted automatically: Sample elevation, sample resting, sample release, flow time determination in duplicate or triplicate as per method requirement, results calculation, sample removal, sample path cleaning, sample path drying. After approximately 26-30 minutes, the unit is then ready to accept a new sample.


Automated viscometers are available in a wide range of configurations to suit client requirements. All our automated units feature a two solvent cleaning and drying system. This ensures, that the entire sample path is thoroughly cleaned and dried between each sample.


Tried and tested detection technology in modern packaging

A fresh approach to electronics and software has produced the third generation of PSL Rheotek Polymer Viscometers. Available now to industry users, who look to the future. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK.



You asked, we answered

Is this really reliable?

An automated viscometer conducts a physical properties test and has solvent and sample going through tubes and valves. Periodical maintenance is essential. Our Technical Service Team is on hand to assist either on a case-by-case basis or on a contract basis.

How much does it cost?

The price will depend on the scope of delivery relevant for the specific project. Please get in touch to arrange an on-line consultation with a team member for an initial discussion and some ball park pricing.

We test KV of mineral oil at 40 degrees C in our lab, can your unit do this?

Certainly, please get in touch for a consultation with one of our team members to discuss the type of sample you have and the viscosity ranges in question.

We need to test IV of PET on regrind and rPET and have absolutely no idea, how to this. Can you help us?

We will be delighted to offer our complete starter kit for this test and provide advice on recommended laboratory installation. Please get in touch to arrange an on-line consultation with one of our team members to discuss.