CUSTOM INSTRUMENTATION for unique requirements

We listen to customer challenges. Each PSL Rheotek viscometer system is configured for the owner. A wide variety of international test method protocols are readily available in the software. Company specific method protocols also supported.



Polymer characterisation with full method compliance

An automated viscometer from PSL Rheotek is never a standard product. Each viscometer system, which is shipped from our facility in Essex, is configured for a specific client. The most visible adjustment is in the software. When you buy an automated viscometer with the PSL Rheotek logo, it will be loaded with the parameters of the test protocol, which you intend to use it for. It will also be built to operate at the specified temperature of measurement. And it will be fitted with components, which are resistant to the chemicals in use.


Automating the flow time measurement ensures uniformity of the analytical process.

Health & Safety

Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the lab is easy to manage when using an automated viscometer.

Built to deliver fast solutions

Automation of capillary measurement saves time. Laboratory staff can attend to other tests, while the automated instrument operates.

Made scalable and flexible

Expanding the capacity of the PSL Rheotek viscometer is easy and cost effective. At time of needing more capacity, it is also possible to add more automation.

Based on past experiences

Each new instrument benefits from the knowledge built up over decades of working at a molecular level.

Customized to fit your requirement

Your samples are the centre of our attention. We will look at the product, which needs to be measured and do our best to optimise our technology platform to fit with your requirement. Our comprehensive 360 degrees approach includes location specific considerations.

During the sales process we take our time to discuss in detail exactly what your requirements are. Based on what we learn, we will configure a set of instrumentation to match. 

If it is not clear at the outset, which test protocol will be the optimal one for your samples, we will be pleased to conduct applications development in collaboration with the customer. Over the years, we have done projects with a number of major players in the polymer industry. 

The work conducted in our laboratory has helped manufacturers across the world to characterize their product stream. This data is a vital tool for process control. Most projects of this type begin with a non-disclosure agreement.


The Rheotek Polymer Viscometer just got even better

A fresh approach to electronics and software has produced the third generation of PSL Rheotek Polymer Viscometers. Temperature control is now certified to +/- 0.005 degrees C. Available now to industry users, who want to know. Developed, designed and manufactured in the UK.

PSL Rheotek RPV-3 Polymer Viscometer 2023


You asked, we answered

What is the compatibility?

PSL Rheotek viscometers can be networked to provide a data feed directly to the client IT infrastructure.

How is the quality of results?

Repeatability of the results is industry leading.  Some variability will come down to variations in the polymer. We help you to understand the magnitude of this variability.

We have a 20 year old specially built viscometer, which we need to replace. Can you help us?

It is very likely that we will be able to accommodate your test protocol on one of our standard platforms. Custom calculations can be added to our software.